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איתן- רשת יהודית לישראלים- אמריקאים

!איתן-כי תמיד שומרים על קשר

ארגון איתן- רשת יהודית לישראלים-אמריקאים נוסד בכדי לחזק את הקשר שבין ישראלים הגרים בארה''ב לקהילות יהודיות, למדינת ישראל ובכדי לחזק את הזהות היהודית של ישראלים-אמריקאים. הארגון עושה זאת ע''י הפקת אירועים, הרצאות, סדנאות הכנה לבר מצווה, ותמיכה בכל הנוגע לחיים יהודיים בחו''ל

נשמח לעזור אז אנא צרו אתנו קשר עוד היום

הרב אלחנן פופקו

Rabbi Elchanan Poupko is an eleventh generation rabbi, is the founding editor of The YU Lamdan-The Wilf Campus Torah Journal and the president of EITAN- The American Israeli Jewish Network. He also served as a Rabbinic Intern at Park East Synagogue in New York. He holds Master’s degree in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University. Rabbi Poupko is committed to the cause of Israelis in the United States and is a proud member of the American-Israeli community and speaks fluent Hebrew and English.


מספר טלפון-1-646-837-2890

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Melissa Jane Kronfeld is a Ph.D. (ABD) in the Division of Global Affairs at Rutgers University. She received a B.A. in International Relations from George Washington University, as well as a M.S. in Global Affairs from both New York University and Rutgers University. Melissa has lectured on American foreign policy and national security issues at Rutgers, Syracuse University and New York University. In 2012, she was awarded first place in the Richard A. Clarke National Security and Counter-Terrorism Scholarship contest and in 2014, the Rutgers University Walter F. Weiker scholarship celebrating students who possess academic excellence and a commitment to exceptional contributions to society.  A journalist and editorialist, Melissa has been featured in the Politico, The Daily Caller, Huffington Post, Salon, Millennial Magazine, Government Security News, Fox News, Fox News Channel, Fox Business, AM970 The Answer, Voice America, 77 WABC Radio, The Journal on Terrorism and Security Analysis, Radio Night Live with Kevin McCullough, Mic, World Jewish Daily, and the New York Post. As a millennial activist, she has delivered remarks at conferences and gatherings around the world including at the United Nations, the White House and on Capitol Hill. Melissa is also engaged in numerous community endeavors, non-profit advisory boards and associations, as well as a group of socially conscious start-up businesses engaged across a spectrum of humanitarian causes. In 2014, she launched Passion For A Purpose, a full service social impact and philanthropic development agency. Melissa also serves as the founding co-chair of the Nexus Working Group on Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery. For her philanthropic efforts, she was named one of the “36 Under 36” by The Jewish Week and was nominated for a Jewish People's Choice Awards in the category of “making a difference.” In 2017, Melissa ran for New York City Council in Manhattan’s District 4.

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